Earn Tail Wags

wag-orangeEarn Tail Wags & Redeem for Offers!
Receive Tail Wags© for actions you take on Petdoodle.org! Redeem them for special offers. Here is the current list of actions and their Tail Wag values:

  • Registering – 25
  • Commenting on pet portraits – 5
  • Receiving a comment on your pet’s portrait – 10
  • Daily login – 5
  • View a page – 1

Earn EVEN MORE Tail Wags for referring people to Petdoodle.org! After logging in, use the following link to refer users to this website: http://www.petdoodle.org/

  • Referring a visitor – 10
  • Referring someone who registers – 40
  • Share your referral link on Facebook and watch your Tail Wags rack up!

Special Offers & Prizes
Check back in the coming weeks when we begin introducing prizes, products and discounts that you can redeem your Tail Wags for. For now save ’em up.